Tim Tebow’s “john 3:16” Pass, Just Coincidence or God’s Interference?

Tim Tebow sparks trending topic on cyberspace after he made pass which touted his favorite Bible verse, John 3:16. He also managed to bring Denver Broncos win over Pittsburgh Steelers.


Denver Broncos had been won over Pittsburgh Steelers at Sunday AFC Wild Card game. However, not the Broncos victory that had been the topic. All of American football fans talked about Tim Tebow’s 316-yard pass. What was the interesting about the pass?

That pass was not only helped Broncos beaten over Steelers at OT. That pass was believed has secret message. how come? The 316-yard pass is touted the representation of Tim Tebow’s favourite Bible verse, John 3:16. It is one of Bible verses which reads: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” And after the game, it sparks many theories around NFL fans.

After the game, that sacred pass becomes the trending topic in several search engines and social networking sites, such as Google, Yahoo, and Twitter. In fact, Tim Tebow managed to break the tweets record with 9,420 tweets per second thanks to the ‘John 3:16’ pass (although not the most talked one).

For those who are strongly religious, that pass was believed as God’s interference in helping Tim Tebow who is known as religious QB to win the game. Moreover, previously, he had touted the scripture passage on his eye-black. In fact, after the Sunday game the stats showed if Tebow had 31.6 yards-per-catch. If it wasn’t enough yet, the TV rating of Broncos vs Steelers also noted 31.6. It is no wonder if the believers will proudly say if it was too great for just a merely coincidence.

However, there is no rational evidence Tim Tebow’s ‘John 3:16′ pass could be connected with God’s interference. The most possibility answer is it happens because Tebow’s skill and a little bit of luck. Many of sports critics believe if the Denver Broncos’ QB can’t do the same pass again.

Regardless of whether Tim Tebow’s 316-yard pass was just a coincidence or not, Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers game really tough. The perfect combination of Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas which help the team to win. an 80-yard touchdown pass from Tebow into Thomas bring the victory with 29-23 score.

Read more: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/650677_tim-tebows-john-316-pass-just-coincidence-or-gods-interference#ixzz205IBwEIM

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